What’s the big deal? It’s only a name.

And so it has come to this: I’m one of those parents who gave his kid a weird name.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
– William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Billy Shakespeare. Writing game on fleek.
Billy Shakespeare. Writing game on fleek.

I know. It’s kind of weird. The Wife and I weren’t sure about it either. In fact, there are days where I’m still not sure we made the right decision. Our first two kids have regular names. Sure, they’re kind of hipster-cool/over-popular, but we like the names we gave them just the same. She’s Harper; her name was inspired by author Harper Lee & musician Ben Harper. He’s Wyatt; we gave him a laid-back name that could fit easily on the nameplate of a future judge’s office or on a blue collar work shirt. And then there’s our third child. His name is Hawk.

“Hawk? Like the bird?” asked my mother.

“No. His name is Parker,” Wyatt flatly stated.

“That’s not a very great name,” Harper lamented with tearful eyes as she met him for the first time.

Wyatt was almost named Hawk, but we chickened out. We just couldn’t pull the trigger. It was a little too weird. A little too…Austin. We went with choice 1B, and we haven’t looked back. There was no second guessing. No one asked where we came up with the name.

When the new baby was born and the doctor announced that it was a boy (another boy!), we already had the name picked. Before I cut the cord, my wife asked, “Are we going for it? Is this Hawk?” Still stunned at the miracle of birth, I replied, “I think it is.” Cord cut; baby named; destiny spun into motion.

We named him Hawk because we like the name. We named him Hawk because we’re sure it won’t be a hindrance for him now or in the future. We named him Hawk because, quite frankly, we think it’s a badass name. We named him Hawk because we could and because we wanted to. It’s not a family name. It’s not a “normal” name, but it’s his name, just the same.

So, yes, like the bird, Mom. And no, his name isn’t Parker, Wyatt, even though that’s the name you lobbied hard for. As for whether Hawk is a very great name — time will tell, Harper.



  1. Janis Williams

    When Edward was born, I didn’t much like the name, but it was San’s name, and Edward was a junior. Within DAYS it was my very favorite name for a boy, and Edward owned it entirely. There were no other Edwards anywhere in the world, except for a few pretenders and wannabes, such as former kings of England and Edward Norton.

    Before long the story will be that Wyatt picked Hawk’s name, which is the best and only right name for him—’cause people tend to inhabit their names. Right, Mark?

    Also, he is ADORABLE!! How’s Kate? Y’all miss me?

  2. Larry

    Why not?
    You two are the parents. So, if it work for you ….
    Btw, while I wouldn’t name my child that, I do think it sounds good.

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