One List to Rule Them All

Somewhere around May of 2010 when Wife was well into the pregnancy with Bean, I sent an email to a handful of my buddies who were already on the great adventure known as “Dad” to find out exactly which baby products we needed to buy and which ones were crap. Wife sent a similar request to her mom-lady-friends. Each person replied with a well thought out list of items we simply couldn’t live without and items on which we would be wasting time and money. And all the lists were helpful.

But one list stood out above all the rest. One list was so excellent in its excellence [that’s how excellent it was] that I have felt obliged to pass it on to friends who have come asking me for baby stuff advice for the past three years. It has been read by people from the east coast to the west coast. And possibly to Japan. I can’t remember.

Now the knowledge is out there for everyone to see.

I give you: One List to Rule Them All.

15 Things You Should Know About Baby Products


Thanks, Donnie Clapp. You’re awesome.


  1. Lindsay

    It had not (at least by me), but has now been read in Japan. Good stuff. I wish I’d seen the tip about baby books. Those guys are jerks. I have learned that putting her to bed “drowsy, but awake” really means “drowsy, but crying” took me a while.

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